• bamboo buddha
    bamboo buddha 221 Wattle tree rd | holgate
  • koi & goldfish
    koi & goldfish pond at the Bamboo Buddha
  • tea garden & cafe
    tea garden & cafe in a bamboo setting...
  • The gardens & ponds
    The gardens & ponds Bamboo and Buddhas
  • vegetarian cafe
    vegetarian cafe a place of tranquillity
  • The Bamboo Buddha
    The Bamboo Buddha an oasis of calm in a hustle and bustle world...
  • The Bamboo Gardens
    The Bamboo Gardens a nirvana of holistic healing and tranquillity
  •  Vegetarian cafe
    Vegetarian cafe in a serene garden setting

the Bamboo Buddha | vegetarian cafe | gallery | nursery | tea garden

The Bamboo Buddha - an oasis of calm in a hustle and bustle world.

Ample covered areas - Relaxing tranquil atmosphere - Expansive gardens & surrounds 

The Bamboo Buddha operates now as a boutique nursery selling many different varieties of clumping bamboo as well native plants.

A teahouse/cafe also operates on site and the Bamboo Buddha is affectionately known as a cafe oasis. Located in Holgate, the high standard of vegetarian food, delicious cakes, organic coffee and teas lures clientele from far and wide, encouraging a holistic approach to life in a stunning environment. 
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The Bamboo Buddha is really an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle world.

Some people have called it a Nirvana of tranquillity set in a serene Bali style garden setting featuring koi and goldfish ponds.

There is also a Gallery featuring mainly local artists. We also run classes in the Gallery – mainly Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga and Buddhist Talks. 

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